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...generates XPaths while browsing or inspecting HTML/XML/*ML documents; evaluates your XPaths and inspects the results; extracts the content.
New version 1.4.5 avaiable on Feb 17th 2010. Firefox 3.6 compatible.

The XPather is a simple Firefox extension that integrates both with the browser and its DOMInspector. Thus, is't very lightweight and cross-platform. It is valuable mainly as a web/XML-app development and hacking tool.

Common Use-cases

  • HTML, XML, *ML - DOM tree navigation, XPath generation
  • Document debugging
  • XPath testing and evaluation
  • Simple data extraction (textual, web-clipping)
  • Pattern recognition, searching
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  • DOMInspector navigation toolbar
  • Customizable XPath generation
  • XPath evaluation
  • XPath/Regexp syntax checking
  • Feature rich XPath Browser
  • Relative XPath support
  • Frames, IFrames support
  • Cross-frame XPath evaluation (NEW)
  • Namespaces and default namespaces support (NEW)
  • Cheatsheet
  • Optional RegExp content matching
  • Content extraction tool (text, HTML, WebClip, ...)
  • Accessible from DOMi, or browser context menu

You may want to read some user comments and ratings of the XPather on the Mozilla official extensions repository - addons.mozilla.org.

Find a brief kick-off tutorial and the complete documentation in the documentation section.