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A new update 1.4.5 of the major release is out since Feb 17tht 2010. You can download it or install it directly from this site (to install it directly this host has to be on whitelist of your browser). Alternatively, you can install it from the official, trusted,Mozilla addons site. It is even recommended as it has valid security certificate.
Check the changelog for details of the new version.

Instalation notes:

The XPather is a Firefox browser extension. The latest version 1.4.3 is compatible with the Firefox versions: 1.5 - 3.5.*.
Archive of the older versions.

To fully use the XPather you need to have DOMInspector installed (although it is not necessary). The DOMInspector is a Firefox/Mozilla built-in extension for inspection of the live DOM of any document displayed in the browser (Tools>>DOM Inspector). It used to be shipped in standard Firefox distributions. Starting with Firefox 3.0 you need to install it as a separate DOM inspector extension.


Copyright (C) 2005-2009 Viktor Zigo.

This program is free software; you can redistribute it and/or modify it under the terms of the GNU General Public License as published by the Free Software Foundation; either version 2 of the License, or (at your option) any later version.

This program is distributed in the hope that it will be useful, but WITHOUT ANY WARRANTY; without even the implied warranty of MERCHANTABILITY or FITNESS FOR A PARTICULAR PURPOSE. See the GNU General Public License for more details.

Alternatively, the XPather may be used under the terms of Mozilla Public License Version 1.1.

Change log

XPather 1.4.5, Feb 17th 2010 - download v1.4.5 the latest!
  • [mod] Compatible with Firefox 3.6.*
  • [new] InnerHTML/XML tab works for XML files
XPather 1.4.3, July 1st 2009 - download v1.4.3
  • [mod] Compatible with Firefox 3.5.*
  • [new] Japanese localization (thanks to Yuki Kodama!)
XPather 1.4.2, Apr 6 2009 - download v1.4.2 the latest!
  • [mod] Compatible with Firefox 3.1.*
XPather 1.4.1, June 18 2008 - download v1.4.1
  • [mod] More compatible with Firefox 3.0.*
  • [mod] Small code cleaning
XPather 1.4, Mar 16 2008 - download v1.4
  • [mod] Compatible with Firefox 3.0.*
XPather 1.3, Oct 27 2006 - download v1.3
  • [mod] Compatible with Firefox 2.0.*
  • [mod] Cross-frame evaluation also for the Select Results view
  • [mod] Automatic tree expansion for the Select Results view, also for multiselects.
  • [fix] Persistent select/browse results option
  • [fix] 'No match' dialog in the Select Results view
XPather 1.1, Sep 29 2006 - download v1.1
  • [fix] An arbitrary XPath can be entered right after DOMi opens (no need to select a node). This bug was really annoying.
  • [fix] Attributes are correctly generated for special documents (that use namespaces).
  • [fix] Better namespace resolving.
  • [mod] The results lists' count based on 1 to be consistent with XPath position function (proposed by Marius Konitzer).
  • [mod] Improved frame support, i.e. nested sub-windows.
  • [new] Support for documents with default namespaces. As this is not possible in Xpath1.0, the XPather uses default namespace prefix.
  • [new] Cross-frame XPath evaluation. You can evaluate your XPaths against all frames/iframes/etc in the document. (this option has to be set in XPath settings menu).
XPather 1.0.1, Nov 9 2005
  • [fix] Show results as selection fixed for FF1.5
  • [fix] All windows can be closed on Mac OS X
  • [mod] Windows are not anymore always-on-top
  • [mod] German localization
Known problems of v1.0.1
  • In some cases there are problems with namespaces resolving (due to specified context node)
XPather 1.0, Oct 24 2005
  • [mod] Firefox 1.5 compatible
  • [new] Cheatsheet - help (overview, XPath, RegExp)
  • [new] RegExp button - enter default /.(*)/
  • [new] RegExp Toolbar (filtration, substitutions, extraction)
  • [new] Special characters allowed in substitutions e.g. "$1"\n
  • [new] Subst button - default subst pattern
  • [new] If Subst is not empty, default separator is not used
  • [new] RegExp on-fly syntax checking
  • [new] Parent Toolbar - set root node for relative SPaths
  • [new] Allow parent toolbar view also in DOMi
  • [new] Set Parentnode from context menu in DOMi
  • [new] Clean parent button
  • [new] Xpath on-fly syntax error visualization - invalid xpath turns red
  • [new] Context menu on result table with: copy XPath; select as parent; select to box; blink; select in tree
  • [new] Content Viewers (tabs)
  • [new] Text View
  • [new] InnerHTML View
  • [new] WebClip View
  • [new] XPaths List View (absolute, relative)
  • [new] Info View (frames, actual frame, context node)
  • [new] Invoke Result Browser from browser context menu
  • [mod] Select more results in browser
  • [mod] General Refactoring
  • [fix] XPath evaluation worh with non-HTML docs
  • [fix] Frames evaluation problems. Evaluation is possible
  • [mod] If dialog window is open, just call init dont open it again
  • [fix] Correct namespace generation, using context node NS reslover
  • [fix] Sibling index also for textnodes()
  • [fix] Click on table header, exception
  • [mod] Persistent settings
Known problems of v1.0
  • In some cases there are problems with namespaces resolving (due to specified context node)
  • In FF 1.5+ the XPath Browser window is not allways on top.
  • German localization